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Aker BP Uses Digitally Connected Service to Improve Well Integrity Evaluation Operations in More than 50 Wells

Published: 06/29/2020

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Evaluate cement and casing condition

For the development of a North Sea field, Aker BP needed to evaluate the cement and casing condition in more than 50 wells before making decisions regarding P&A, sidetrack, and well intervention operations. Due to the high number of wells requiring well integrity logging operations, Aker BP requested a cost-effective solution while ensuring logging objectives were all met.

Conduct all well integrity logging operations remotely

Schlumberger proposed using Performance Live digitally connected service to conduct all well integrity logging operations. Logging was done remotely at the Bergen Performance Live Service Center by a group of experienced wireline engineers with average seniority of 9 years and expertise in well integrity and intervention operations. The service includes certifying local wellsite supervisors, with an emphasis on winch driving, HSE leadership, and connectivity setup and troubleshooting. Performance Live service also uses a highspeed 4G system to ensure continuous internet reliability and ease connection changeover in case of connectivity issues.

Image showing development of a North Sea field
For development of this North Sea field, logging was done remotely at the Bergen Performance Live Service Center.

Improve operational efficiency

In 2019, well integrity evaluations were executed remotely in 53 wells by using Performance Live service, enabling better collaboration between Aker BP, the wireline operations team, and domain experts to QC, process, and interpret the data for faster, better decision making. The service also reduced the crew size from six to four for each job, which consequently reduced personnel on board, mobilization, and standby costs. The Performance Live service delivery model, along with multiskilled wireline and slickline crew, will be a key enabler for future well intervention operations and cost efficiencies for Aker BP.

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The Performance Live service reduced the operational footprint from six to four onsite crew members for each job.
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Aker BP achieved more efficient well logging operations by implementing the Performance Live digitally connected service. The service’s delivery model not only enhanced collaboration between Aker BP, the wireline intervention team, and domain experts for faster decision making, but it also reduced the operational footprint from six crew members to four for each job.

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