LIVE Act Services Save Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Time and Lost Production, Gulf of Mexico

Published: 06/10/2015

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Depth correlation difficulties compromised previous interventions

Walter Oil & Gas Corporation needed to perform temporary abandonment of a deviated subsea well that was completed with sliding sleeves in the Gulf of Mexico. Previous intervention attempts using conventional slickline had been unsuccessful, experiencing difficulties with depth correlation and confirming whether the sliding sleeves were in the open or closed position.

Sliding sleeve depth confirmed for temporary abandonment

LIVE Act digital slickline mechanical services with surface readout (SRO) capability and continuous depth correlation in real time were proposed by Schlumberger to locate the exact depth of the sliding sleeve. Then a plug could be accurately placed for temporary abandonment and two upper sliding sleeves opened to produce from another zone.

Real-time surface readout verified plug setting

The SRO casing collar locator (CCL) in LIVE Act services' depth correlation cartridge readily located the lower sliding sleeve for precisely setting the temporary abandonment plug. Real-time downhole tension measurement confirmed the setting process and the status of the plug. Real-time digital pressure gauge readings provided by LIVE digital slickline services showed the pressure increase when the two upper sliding sleeves were opened, giving positive and certain indication of their status. Achieving certainty in accomplishing the intervention objectives saved Walter Oil & Gas from having to use additional vessel time and other third-party services, with operations completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

Graph: LIVE Act Services Save Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Time and Lost Production, Gulf of Mexico
Position of sliding sleeves clearly identified by the CCL.
Gulf of Mexico, United States, North America, Offshore

Challenge: Perform temporary abandonment of a subsea well completed with sliding sleeves.

Solution: Deploy LIVE Act* digital slickline mechanical services to set and isolate the lower zone sliding sleeve and open additional sliding sleeves to produce from an upper zone.

Results: Confirmed accurate placement and setting of the isolation plug and used real-time downhole pressure readings to verify opening of two upper sliding sleeves