LIVE Act Services Enable Successful Retrieval of More Than 3,000 ft of E-Line Cable in Two Wells

Published: 06/17/2015

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Retrieve e-line cable and wireline strings in two wells to restore

An operator in Saudi Arabia needed to retrieve lost pulsed neutron toolstrings and e-line cable from two wells. In the first well, more than 3,000 ft of e-line cable and a toolstring across the reservoir section needed to be retrieved. The second well contained a 39-ft pulsed neutron toolstring that was left downhole after breaking the cable head weakpoint.

Enable successful fishing operations using real-time measurements

Schlumberger proposed deploying LIVE Act services using simplified logistics and real-time measurement and control capabilities, including the risk minimization features provided by the DCR tool and surface-controlled and activated D-Jar adjustable jar.

The downhole safety valve was retrieved from the first well by equalizing and latching the downhole safety valve, then the D-Jar adjustable jar was activated from surface for retrieval. Once the top of the e-line was confirmed, the e-line and pulsed neutron toolstring were both successfully retrieved to surface, restoring well production.

Using real-time feedback of downhole head tension measurements, LIVE Act services enabled the successful retrieval of the toolstring in the second well. The measurements ensured accuracy while running and latching the fish when compared with the surface tension.

Reestablish production in wells with zero lost-time incidents

The added value of LIVE Act services’ advanced measurements, compared with conventional slickline, provided greater control for the slickline specialist running the job. The combination of the head tension measurements, on-command release with the DCR tool, and the D-Jar adjustable jar’s unprecedented jar control ensured the success of this fishing operation in retrieving more than 3,000 ft of cable and the pulsed neutron toolstrings.

Graph: LIVE Act Services Enable Successful Retrieval of More Than 3,000 ft of E-Line Cable in Two Wells
Real-time downhole head tension measurements seen at surface confirmed fish engagement
Saudi Arabia, Asia, Offshore

Challenge: Reestablish production by retrieving lost electric-line (e-line) cable and pulsed neutron toolstrings from offshore wells using slickline conveyance

Solution: Deploy LIVE Act* digital slickline mechanical services with continuous surface readout capability and control through the use of head tension, a casing collar locator, and activation of the D-Jar* digital downhole adjustable jar, while mitigating the risk of getting stuck by using the DCR* digital controlled-release tool

Results: Reestablished production with zero lost-time incidents during seven runs that retrieved more than 3,000 ft of e-line cable and pulsed neutron toolstrings from the two wells