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Case Study
United States, North America, Onshore

Challenge: Efficiently acquire high-quality logs in the horizontal section of Mississippian Lime wells

Solution: Sequentially log with quad-combo ThruBit logging services followed by the FMI fullbore formation imager log conveyed on the UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor

Results: Saved 24 h and USD 40,000 per well over conventional drillpipe-conveyed logging in obtaining all the data requested for formation evaluation and completion optimization

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ThruBit Services and UltraTRAC Tractor-Conveyed Imaging Save 24 h and USD 40,000 per Well

Combined acquisition suite in horizontal wells in the Mississippian Lime play efficiently delivers high-quality data

Logging 3,500-ft horizontal sections

An operator moving from the exploration to appraisal stage of a horizontal drilling program in the Mississippian Lime play wanted to improve logging efficiency without compromising data acquisition. Logging the horizontal section using conventional drillpipe conveyance typically took more than 48 h of costly rig time to run quad-combo and imaging logs.

Graphic: ThruBit Services and UltraTRAC Tractor-Conveyed Imaging Save 24 h and USD 40,000 per Well
The UltraTRAC all-terrain tractor is configured with large-diameter wheels in preparation for conveying the FMI imager in open hole.

Efficient, reliable tractor conveyance

With low sensitivity to well conditions, the UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor can convey toolstrings at up to 2,700 ft/h. The UltraTRAC tractor applies the highest output force available for reliable conveyance even in challenging wellbore conditions. Active traction control and reverse tractoring improve maneuverability and minimize slippage. Not only is data acquired faster but decision making is also more timely because the tractor-conveyed tools return real-time data in comparison with memory logging on drillpipe conveyance. The streamlined efficiency of UltraTRAC tractor operations also improves safety as rig time is significantly reduced.

Two logging runs in half the time

A ThruBit services quad-combo was run first in the 3,500-ft lateral section of three wells to acquire density, neutron, resistivity, and sonic data. High-quality FMI microimager logs were then acquired to complement the Thrubit services logs for formation evaluation, lithology identification, and mechanical properties estimation. The FMI microimager was conveyed on the UltraTRAC tractor through 7-in casing and 8¾- and 6 1⁄8-in open hole. The ThruBit services and UltraTRAC tractor-conveyed logging runs totaled only 24 h, about half the time required for drillpipe conveyance, and saved the operator USD 40,000 in rig costs.

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The FMI imager log obtained with UltraTRAC tractor conveyance provides a high-quality image of the carbonate beds in the horizontal section.
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