PHSS Uses Digital Ecosystem to Assure Wellsite Operations Despite Logistic Challenges

Published: 09/29/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Operate rigs without interruptions

Efforts to prevent the worldwide spread of COVID-19 prompted global travel restrictions in April of 2020. This made crew movements difficult as PHSS was about to begin a three-rig operation. What they sought was a solution to avoid operational disruption.

Use digitally connected operational capability

To assure continuous operations, Schlumberger proposed Performance Live digitally connected service. It replaces the need for logistics and related costs for personnel onboard, e.g. mud logging data analysts or mud logging technology specialists, as well as siloed processes and workflows that obstruct or slow data delivery to decision makers. Performance Live service enables a collaborative digital ecosystem that delivers safer, more consistent, and higher-performing operations using a robust network for implementing new technologies to reduce or eliminate tasks, optimizing task distribution between the wellsite and town, and providing seamless and borderless accessibility to expertise.

Crew footprint reduced significantly using Performance Live service.
Performance Live service enabled PHSS to reduce its crew size on each of three rigs, which resulted in carbon footprint reductions up to 50%.

Avoid business disruption; optimize crew size to reduce carbon footprint

PHSS optimized its crew model for rigs PDSI-52, PDSI 54, and EMR-01. Using Performance Live service, PHSS conducted a total of 5 runs with zero HSE or service quality incidents. Not only was PHSS able to continue operations, it reduced rig crew sizes by 40% from standard configuration and lowered resulting carbon footprint for each rig.

The digital connectivity of Performance Live service enabled a safer environment while significantly reducing HSE risk during mobilization and travel, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesia, Asia, Onshore

Schlumberger enabled continuing directional drilling and MWD operations with PERTAMINA Hulu Sanga Sanga (PHSS) during COVID-19 period using Performance Live digitally connected service. Five runs were completed with zero HSE or service quality incidents on three land rigs located in the East Kalimantan area. Additionally, crew sizes were reduced by 40% from standard configuration.

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