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@balance Xpress Services Streamline MPD Equipment Installation for Substantial Time and Cost Savings

Published: 05/22/2017

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Provide streamlined rig installation for a flawless, efficient drilling operation

An operator in Casper, Wyoming, needed to reduce the installation time required for MPD equipment rig-up and achieve fast, nonintrusive MPD mobilization. From start to finish, the equipment had to be mobilized and installed and surface pipe work completed in less than 2 hours.

Deploy an MPD system in addition to preinstalled equipment

To meet the customer’s needs, M-I SWACO recommended using the @balance Xpress mobile MPD services with a hydraulically deployed SUPER MUD-GAS SEPARATOR high-capacity unit. Unlike conventional equipment, this mobile services platform and high-capacity unit are transported to the wellsite as part of an integrated equipment package, enabling the equipment to be hydraulically positioned vertically in less than 10 min. This method of installation eliminates the requirement for a heavy-lift crane to unload and position the high-capacity unit, saving both time and operation costs. Preinstalled pipe work between the MPD choke manifold and high-capacity unit further reduced the equipment installation time.

Because @balance Xpress mobile MPD services is equipped with an articulated, hydraulically deployed U-tube, a quick connection can be made between the U-tube and the rig flowline without a crane or additional welding. For this installation, a sliding sleeve was fastened to the hydraulic U-tube with a Victaulic® coupling, and the pipe was flanged to the rig flowline. This operation was completed in 20 min with no U-tube welding or fabrication required.


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@balance Xpress mobile MBD services permits rapid equipment relocation.
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The hydraulically deployed U-tube enables a quick connection to the rig flowline.

Reduced rig skid time, delivered substantial time savings, and saved operating costs

The operator drilled two wells from this pad—the first without MPD services and the second using the mobile MPD services. To save time during the rig skid operation, the @balance Xpress mobile MPD services unit installation was completed prior to the first well, and the primary flowline simply repositioned for the second well. By completing key activities outside of the rig critical path, the @balance Xpress mobile MPD services unit delivered substantial time savings for the operator.

@balance Xpress Services Streamline MPD Equipment Installation for Substantial Time and Cost Savings
United States, North America, Onshore

Challenge: Reduce NPT during rig-up of MPD equipment

Solution: Use the @balance Xpress mobile MPD services platform to deliver a full, preinstalled set of MPD equipment to the wellsite and minimize installation time and costs

Results: Installed the mobile MPD equipment at the wellsite in record time and skid equipment between wells during a rig relocation operation

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