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Case Study
United Arab Emirates, Asia, Offshore

The MD-2 dual-deck shaker demonstrated an average mud-on-cuttings (MOC) of 34% by volume, 13% by weight. It handled 900 galUS/min [3,407 L/min] of fluid using two shakers while mud covered less than 50% of the total surface area. The shakers required only one screen changeout during the test operation.

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MD-2 Shaker Achieved Higher Volume with Fewer Screens in Less Time than Conventional Shaker

Extends capability to send an increased amount of data without changing the rig footprint

Improved fluid recovery needed

The customer needed to recover more fluid from cuttings and ensure longer screen life while handling high flow rates on a jackup rig offshore Abu Dhabi.

Multiple tests indicated better performance

The MD-2 dual-deck shaker was evaluated using the following criteria: MOC percent, handling capacity and solids discharge, and screen life.

Optimal shale shaker performance required for offshore drilling

An operator working offshore Abu Dhabi sought a shaker that would reliably deliver low MOC values and handle high flow volumes, yet offer longer screen life. As a result, M-I SWACO was asked to evaluate and deploy the optimal technology.

MD-2 shaker selected based on operator objectives

M-I SWACO deployed the MD-2 shaker. The shaker is designed to augment the fluid process capabilities and recover extra fluid yet utilize a smaller footprint when compared to conventional shakers.

Efficient shaker exceeded customer’s demands

A test was run for a length of 2,500 ft with a bit diameter of 12 1/4 in. MOC retort analyses were performed daily. The total solids discard rate (TSDR) measurement was completed during regular drilling to determine the maximum capacity of the MD-2 shaker. Full flow during regular drilling was diverted to the first MD-2 shaker, and the collection trough was placed under the discard end. Thirty seconds later, the trough was 75% full, and the sample was collected. The TSDR for the first MD-2 shaker was 1.47 lbm/s [0.67 kg/s].

During drilling operations, two shakers were dressed using API 140 mesh composite screens. The two shakers processed the entire flow rate of 900 galUS/min while the mud covered less than 50% of the surface area. Only one screen required changeout during the operations. At full flow, drilling continued at an ROP of 40–50 ft/h [12–15 m/h], and the two shakers maintained MOC of between 26% and 40% by volume and 9% to 16% by weight with no overspill or runoff.

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Measurements of mud remaining on the cuttings after being processed by the MD-2 shakers. On average, the MOC was 34% by volume and 13% by weight.
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