Petrobras Perforates 6,172-m High-Pressure Reservoir Using 7-in HSD Gun System, Offshore Brazil | SLB

Petrobras Perforates 6,172-m High-Pressure Reservoir Using 7-in HSD Gun System, Offshore Brazil

Published: 03/18/2016

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Perforate a deepwater high-pressure well

When preparing to perforate a deepwater well, Petrobras identified that the well had a hydrostatic pressure of 14,300 psi at 6,172 m as a result of the use of calcium bromide mud for well control. For these challenging conditions, Petrobras sought a perforating solution that would deliver the best, most reliable results to optimize production.

Deploy high shot density guns rated for high pressure For optimal charge penetration and density and the creation of clean tunnels, Schlumberger recommended Petrobras deploy the 7-in MP HSD gun, which is rated to 16,500 psi for 12 spf and 135°/45° phasing using the PURE clean perforations system. The high pressure rating facilitates tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) operations by providing a wider pressure range in which to perform completion and firing activities. The eFire electronic firing head was also used to measure the dynamic underbalance effect compared with the TCP design.

Improved shot density and underbalance effect

The 7-in MP HSD guns successfully perforated the high-pressure well using deep penetrating charges with high shot density and dynamic underbalance effect, exhibiting outstanding reliability and optimizing production.

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The gauge raw pressure is the actual pressure recorded by the eFire head during the perforating event compared with pressure at the top gauge, which was simulated using the PURE system. Both curves show the dynamic underbalance achieved under high-pressure reservoir conditions.
Brazil, South America, Offshore

Challenge: Perforate a deepwater well exposed to 14,300-psi hydrostatic pressure

Solution: Use the 7-in medium-pressure (MP) HSD high shot density perforating gun system that is rated for use in high-pressure wellbores


  • Delivered optimal shot density with deep penetrating charges
  • Achieved better dynamic underbalance effect