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Agile debottlenecking solution solves backpressure issues, avoids shutdown in Argentina

Published: 03/06/2023

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Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions avoided shutdown of three wells and produced a total of 8.4 Bcf of dry gas while diverting 14 metric tons of sand during a facility upgrade.

The objective

In 2019, an operator in Argentina encountered backpressure and sand management issues that made it difficult to produce from new wells in the area. Diverting the new well pads to the operator's facility was necessary to increase its production rate. However, the facility capability—along with backpressure and well location issues—also presented challenges while incorporating new well pads.

Meanwhile, the operator was faced with losing 70 MMcf/d of dry gas production while the new facility was being built. To avoid loss of cash flow, the operator needed a temporary solution that would enable production to continue during the construction period.

The solution

To meet the challenge, SLB deployed its Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions. Production ExPRESS solutions are a suite of services focused on the wellhead and surface facilities to help operators maximize production and improve cash flow through rapid diagnosis and intervention. In a fast-changing industry, Production ExPRESS solutions help customers proactively eliminate wasteful or hazardous operations, especially in underperforming fields, with a service that is practical, modular, and highly responsive.

In this case, the solution included an express early production facility (EPF) with three trains of sand management and surface well testing equipment to enable simultaneous production from three wells over four months. Using this solution, gas was produced directly into the pipeline, and water produced was reinjected into a sump well.

Debottlenecking solution including three trains of separators and sand management system.
Debottlenecking equipment provided by Production ExPRESS solutions including three trains of separators and sand management systems.

The results

The express EPF succeeded in producing 8.4 Bcf of dry gas while removing 14 metric tons of sand from the three wells while the secondary facility was being built. The solution helped the operator overcome its backpressure issues, producing gas directly into the pipeline. The well-established SLB supply chain enabled the delivery of three sets of temporary facilities on a rapid schedule. With this customized solution in place, the operator continued to generate cash flow while the new facility was being built.

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