AGIBA Optimizes Drilling with Real-Time Data

Published: 02/18/2013

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AGIBA Petroleum was founded in 1981 as an operating company for the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. Current production comes from six main fields—five onshore in the Western Desert and one offshore in the Gulf of Suez. The company was planning a number of challenging, deep-exploratory wells and needed to use existing resources more effectively. It also wanted to improve collaboration and remote monitoring. AGIBA also sought to minimize risk and make faster—and more precise—decisions. Time and cost savings were also a factor.

AGIBA met with Schlumberger to discuss these requirements, and it became clear that real-time data services (RTDS) would provide an ideal solution. RTDS deliver integrated, interactive drilling—remotely monitoring, modeling, and controlling processes, while increasing safety and reducing risk. RTDS are offered as a combination of technology and expert services that can be tailored to client project requirements.

Workflow integration

Schlumberger worked with AGIBA to integrate PERFORMView real-time driling visualization, collaboration, and analysis software with its existing workflow to provide drilling monitoring capabilities—time and depth displays synchronized with bottomhole assembly information, and automatic rig-state detection. The software also provides chat, whiteboard, and sharedannotation features.

Next, the team implemented the Petrel Real-Time Data Link component to stream real-time data from the InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service. This delivers a secure link from the wellsite to the desktop, with well data stored in the Petrel E&P software platform for later use. The link allows AGIBA to understand the impact of new geologic information on wells as they are drilled—helping accurately place wells and reduce risk. In addition, the team can better forecast formation type and target depth, through correlation with other wells in the field.

AGIBA Optimizes Drilling with Real-Time Data
The Petrel Real-Time Data Link delivers instant trajectory and log information for visualization in the earth model.

The Schlumberger team was also able to customize the InterACT output to provide a special rate of penetration (ROP) histogram and distribution curve. AGIBA required a histogramic ROP curve, rather than the usual smooth curve, to fit in with its existing dataprocessing workflow. Full training and ongoing support was also provided to ensure optimal deployment.

The integrated RTDS were deployed across seven exploratory wells and one development well in the Meleiha and Aghar fields in Egypt's Western Desert. Mud logging, MWD/LWD, and wireline data was captured and synchronized with the InterACT system.

Real-time advantages

RTDS allow AGIBA to make proactive, swift, and confident decisions based on real-time information. As a result, drilling accuracy was significantly improved and time savings of up to 10% were experienced. The new, integrated, solution makes it possible for AGIBA users to access data from every well— whether they are on the rig, in the office, or working from home.

AGIBA's exploration team was impressed with the decision-making power that access to live drilling data delivered. RTDS also allowed AGIBA's partner ENI to remotely monitor drilling operations in Egypt from its headquarters in Italy—saving further time and cost. The company is able to run three drilling operations concurrently, since it now makes better use of skilled exploration and drilling professionals.

AGIBA Optimizes Drilling with Real-Time Data
Real-time drilling services overview.

“The new real-time drilling services system optimized our drilling operations. We can use real-time data to make rapid decisions as well as save time and money, and reduce risk.”

Mounir Diab, Exploration General Manager AGIBA

To support more detailed analysis, AGIBA also plans to integrate the Techlog wellbore software platform into the new workflow.

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Gulf of Suez, Egypt, Africa, Offshore


  • Optimize drilling operations for challenging, deep-exploratory wells
  • Allow faster and more precise drilling decisions
  • Minimize risk

Solution: Implement real-time data services (RTDS) and integrate them into the Petrel E&P software platform for

  • optimized, interactive drilling
  • remote monitoring, modeling, and control
  • increased safety and reduced risk.

Results: RTDS allowed AGIBA to

  • make proactive, swift, and confident decisions based on real-time information
  • improve drilling accuracy
  • deliver time savings of up to 10% and reduce costs
  • manage foreign partners remotely.
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