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  • Create a collaborative environment to share large amounts of E&P project data across multiple locations
  • Avoid data duplication and rework
  • Improve communication among its Geosciences team


  • Deploy the Studio E&P knowledge environment, with both technical and project support
  • Use Petrel Transition Framework and Petrel Transition on Paper procedures to manage the implementation


  • Information from various data sources consolidated
  • New project template and standardized nomenclature
  • Improved access to specific information
  • Increased productivity
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Collaborative Environment Enables DS Servicios Petroleros to Drive Data Management Efficiencies

Data for over 2,500 wells migrated to the Studio E&P knowledge environment, increasing productivity and access to data

DS Servicios Petroleros provides geoscience, infrastructure development, engineering, design, and drilling services to develop marginal and mature oil fields. When the company won the rights from Pemex to operate the Ebano contractual area in the Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico, it decided to update its data management and collaboration capabilities to handle the new project information.

The DS Servicios Petroleros team had been manually maintaining one master project and several sub-projects—each with different standards, varied nomenclature, and duplicated data. The primary means of communication between team members was via USB drives and hard disks. It soon became apparent that the existing, traditional methods of data administration and collaboration were insufficient to handle information at multiple locations effectively.

Specific concerns included data location, duplication and rework of data, and integration of G&G data to efficiently support knowledge sharing and reporting.

After meeting with Schlumberger it was agreed that the Studio E&P knowledge environment would provide an ideal solution to consolidate all related information in one searchable repository. This would solve daily workflow challenges by providing faster data access, leveraging validated and completed projects, and allowing simultaneous interaction across all Petrel E&P software platform users. It also would enhance collaboration and decision-making through real-time communication features, such as virtual sticky notes, instant messaging, and subscriptions to notification alerts.

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Implementation of the Studio environment at DS Servicios Petroleros, complete with training and change management for new end users.
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Data flow from storage, to Studio knowledge server, to Petrel workstations.

The scope of the deployment at DS Servicios Petroleros covered approximately 2,500 wells and related data—including logs, grids, seismic data, deviation surveys, and horizons—all consolidated within a Microsoft SQL server database. Data was quality tagged according to criteria for easy retrieval to prevent duplication.

The Schlumberger team worked alongside the DS Servicios Petroleros geosciences team and IT department, completing the three-phase deployment in just four weeks. This included the creation of a controlled environment with access rights and permissions, as well as user training.

The Studio environment has made it possible for DS Servicios Petroleros to achieve its goal of quality control standards, data preservation and security, and easy access to valuable E&P project data—regardless of location. Its geoscience professionals are now working in an efficient, collaborative environment that flags critical project developments immediately, keeping users in constant communication. New projects can be quickly started or easily restructured, and old projects can be referenced to understand how past learnings influence current projects. 

The company's documentation has also improved as a result of metadata tagging techniques built into the database application. DS Servicios Petroleros is now positioned to handle significant volumes of new E&P data swiftly and efficiently.

“The Studio environment has streamlined our data management: from easier access and administration, to tighter quality control. It has also improved our multidisciplinary collaboration, especially between local projects. Also, documentation for new well locations in the Ebano area has been optimized.”

Luis Miguel Delgado, Geophysicist Engineer DS Servicios Petroleros

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