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Case Study


  • Migrate pre- and poststack seismic data into single, integrated solution
  • Improve data access, quality, security, and integrity
  • Accelerate and improve decision making


  • Migrate Statoil’s seismic data to ProSource Seismic software
  • Tracking and reporting workflow fordata reception and data quality approval
  • Seismic data quality assurance, clean up, and loading, with 24-hour online availability


  • Secure, integrated, and centralized solution for managing seismic data
  • Better data access, quality, and integrity
  • Quality assurance workflows with automatic email notifications and audit trails for data shipments
  • Faster, more accurate decision making using the best data available

Statoil Integrates Pre- and Poststack Seismic Data

ProSource Seismic improves data access, quality, and integrity

Statoil—the international energy company—historically maintained its global pre- and poststack seismic data libraries separately. The company needed to develop an integrated information management solution to manage this seismic data, optimized for its geoscience workflows. It also faced challenges relating to the continuous evolution of data types and formats, the appetite for rapid data access, widespread increases in data volumes, and the requirement for geophysicists to use prestack data to enhance subsurface understanding. In addition, recent international growth meant Statoil sought to establish standardized data processes—globally,across the organization—to speed up data evaluation and ensure quality.

Statoil wanted to combine the two previously separate seismic data libraries—containing navigation and velocity data—in an integrated solution to improve operational efficiency.

Efficient migration

Schlumberger met with Statoil to outline a solution based around the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system, to manage all forms of seismic trace and supporting data through a single interface. The plan involved migrating all of Statoil's seismic data to ProSource Seismic software, and improving quality management with a new data tracking and reporting portal.

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High-level seismic data flow and process.

Schlumberger and Statoil worked together to create and populate a new corporate data repository for all pre- and poststack seismic data. The team implemented an extended version of the ProSource information management technology stack. Next, Schlumberger worked with Statoil to design a highly collaborative, integrated workflow for data reception, quality assurance, and data delivery—to accelerate data loading, ensure data quality, and improve user access. The workflow leveraged a highly specialized set of tools to adapt international datasets to fit strict Norwegian data quality standards.

The initial transfer involved the migration of poststack data and 2D seismic lines from a third-party application, followed later by the prestack data. The team also subjected the data to an extensive series of quality checks and standardization processes, to prepare for the final loading.

The new Statoil databank comprises more than one petabye of data—available 24 hours a day for download via the ProSource client.

A web portal was established to link the Schlumberger support team with Statoil users through the data delivery, quality checking, and acceptance stages. The service also provides a full audit trail for data submissions.

Integrated seismic—driving better decisions

The new solution allows Statoil users to track the progress of their data through loading and quality-checking workflows, and create an audit trail for every data shipment.

Statoil now has a secure and centralized solution for managing international pre- and poststack seismic, velocity, and navigation data. The company is able to make agile decisions, based on the best data available.

This solution provides

  • data quality checking and rectification
  • GIS-enabled data browsing
  • 24-hour online data access via the ProSource client
  • pre- and poststack online data storage
  • improved data selection and export
  • reliable data backup.

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“To aggregate information and get the most value from our seismic, we need quick access to key data. After a successful integration we now are able to manage our international seismic dataset efficiently. Metadata tags indicate data quality and reliability. This supports our global E&P activities, enabling faster decisions based on the best data available.”

Maria Juul ,Leader, Subsurface Data Management Statoil

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