Studio Manager Enables Fast Search and Controlled Delivery of Cataloged Seismic Data in Petrel Platform

Published: 05/05/2016

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Improve speed of access to seismic data 

Requests for user access to seismic data files in BG Egypt's network had become cumbersome, delayed, and difficult to manage by data administrators. Seismic files were located across multiple software applications, external hard drives, and local offline storage maintained by the Sahara Petroleum Company S.A.E. (SAPESCO). BG Egypt requested assistance to streamline storage and directory structure of seismic data to speed user access to seismic data files, improve security and backup maintenance, eliminate duplication and accidental deletion of files, and enable easy maintenance of user access rights. 

Use Studio Manager to manage and secure data and control user access

Schlumberger recommended the Studio E&P knowledge environment to manage and secure the location and retrieval of all versions of seismic data. With Active Directory integration, the Studio environment provides full control over user access levels, allowing individual users to be granted roles that govern which data items can be modified and which are read only.

Studio Manager Enables Fast Search and Controlled Delivery of Cataloged Seismic Data in Petrel
Users are able to browse the seismic catalog directly from the Petrel platform.

Using global match rules, rules can be defined to prevent duplicate data items in the Studio environment based on matching criteria. Items are checked upon transfer to or from the Studio environment, ensuring data consistency across the managed environment. 

Reduced lost time with centralized platform-managed seismic directory

An index of each file location was generated and compared, and then all data was passed through a QC and verification process, transferred to the appropriate directory location, and reviewed by the team. One final version of each seismic survey was loaded into the Petrel E&P software platform to allow end users to spatially search the seismic catalog in context of their workflow.

With the new centralized directory structure, search and retrieval efficiency was significantly improved. Directory search results can now be consumed directly in the Petrel platform or a request can be sent to have a specific seismic volume loaded to the Studio environment or an alternative application. Managing seismic data in this manner achieved BG Egypt's goals by ensuring all users were working with correct and approved versions of seismic data, thus avoiding seismic data duplication.

Egypt, Africa, Onshore

Challenge: Improve security, develop time-efficient access to seismic data, and eliminate seismic data duplication.

Solution: Establish the Studio E&P knowledge environment as the access point for a centralized seismic data storage solution.


  • Streamlined delivery of seismic data to multiple Schlumberger E&P platforms
  • Secured and organized data, making it available to all potential users
  • Enhanced data-handover cycle among exploratin team members
  • Improved speed of data retrieval
  • Eliminated data duplication and multiple seismic catalogs.
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