Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC

Published: 02/18/2014

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Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC
WesternGeco seismic survey data uploaded into the Petrel platform.

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) promotes and monitors oil and gas exploration for its national government. It is also custodian of the country's E&P data assets. When the corporation was tasked with managing the fourth Tanzania Deep Offshore and North Lake Tanganyika licensing round, it needed a modern solution to help store and manage geological and geophysical data, as well as promote it to potential investors. 

The reprocessed 2D exploration data covered seven deepwater blocks, averaging 3,000 km2 in up to 3,000 m of water depth, and the North Lake Tanganyika block offshore in the East African Rift system.

Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC
Seismic data going through the blocks up for licensing, all loaded into the Petrel platform.
Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC
Data being retrieved from the Studio environment into the active Petrel project.

Data migration

Schlumberger and TPDC worked together to analyze and migrate legacy geological and geophysical data into the Petrel E&P software platform. Twenty 2D seismic surveys—with a total of 1,407 lines, three 3D seismic cubes, 16 horizons, 111 faults, wellheads for 68 wells, and 64 GIS culture data objects—were imported into the platform. 

Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC
TPDC’s new data room, powered by the Petrel platform and Studio environment.

With the data loaded in the Petrel platform, the team then implemented the Studio E&P knowledge environment to allow optimal data management and improve both contextual knowledge sharing and collaboration. The team created master repositories representing each license-round block in the Studio database and access rights were established to enable users to connect to reference projects, create their own working projects, and share data.

Knowledge transfer

The Schlumberger team then trained TPDC geoscientists on data management best practices and standards, as well as customization and investor presentation techniques. Guidance was also provided on user administration, repository creation, and roles and privileges, enabling TPDC to efficiently manage its exploration data.

Faster decision making

The new, centralized management of license-round data has led to faster decision making and increased efficiency for TPDC, reducing turnaround time to answer investor questions from days to just minutes. This allows TPDC to place more focus on license-round block analysis. An increase in the number of repeat visitors to the new data room has also been achieved. 

TPDC now has a specialized workflow for exploration data management, minimizing time spent on data gathering, manipulation, and presentation and visualization.

”The new Studio environment has streamlined our exploration data management, and delivered improved multidisciplinary collaboration. Investor presentations have also been significantly strengthened with the visualization capability of the Petrel software platform.”

Yona Killagane, Managing Director TPDC

Tanzania, Africa, Offshore


  • Help promote Tanzanian licensing round blocks to potential investors
  • Implement structured data room environment


  • Design and implement new data visualization and management environment using the Petrel platform and Studio environment
  • Migrate legacy geological and geophysical data, and introduce secure access measures
  • Provide training and bestpractice support


  • Reduced turnaround time to answer client queries
  • Increase in repeat visitors to the new TPDC data room
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved collaborative exploration workflows
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