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Case Study
Oriente Basin, Ecuador, South America, Onshore

Orion Energy (Orion) improved evaluation of field economics, including identification of uncertain structural dips and oil/water contact (OWC), efficiently derisking the Mira Field by using the FDPlan agile field development planning solution.

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Orion Energy Optimizes Field Development Planning of Mira Field

Agile field development planning solution enables timely evaluation of field development options

Orion's goal

Orion wanted to expand production in the Mira Field and needed to accurately and quickly evaluate field economics. Previous field development planning relied on spreadsheets that contained key field economics data necessary to determine potential investment and subsequent production. However, Orion sought a more collaborative, timely method that would enable better evaluation of field economics to make proactive, well-informed investment decisions.

What Schlumberger recommended

The user-friendly, cloud-based FDPlan solution fosters collaborative decision making and enables field development teams to quickly update, track, and analyze field economics with greater reliability than conventional methods. By streamlining the planning process, the FDPlan solution provides greater insight to reduce risk and field uncertainty and build and evaluate options to maximize production.

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The FDPlan solution provided greater insight of Mira Field economics and shortened planning time, enabling Orion to expand the drilling campaign.

What Orion achieved

Using the risk assessment and management tools provided by the FDPlan solution, Orion spent less time evaluating field economics and gained a greater understanding of the reservoir, such as structural dips and OWC. The solution provided a reliable, open, and collaborative workspace that made it easy to track deliverables. The shared workspace, timely decision making, and agile revision of scenarios enabled Orion to expand their drilling campaign and production facilities.

Products Used

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