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Case Study
Tunisia, Africa, Offshore

Challenge: Improve data management and data management practices to facilitate and secure data acquisition, management, and delivery for the national oil company of Tunisia.

Solution: Implement the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system to structure an integrated working environment through a single repository solution.

Results: Improved data quality management and ease of access to empower teams with efficient workflows in a collaborative working environment.

Database Management Transformed Through Scalable ProSource System Implementation

Separate legacy platforms replaced with an integrated, secure data management solution

Siloed data management presents challenges

As the national oil company of Tunisia, Entreprise Tunisienne d'Activitiés Pétrolièrs (ETAP) is responsible for acquiring, securing, storing, and managing the country's E&P data. In 2000, the ETAP deployed a relational database using various Schlumberger technologies.

However, maintaining separate localized databases on multiple platforms eventually resulted in some inconsistencies and duplication of stored data, and the lack of defined workflows and collaboration among teams complicated data sharing and establishing data ownership. This situation slowed decision making and made it challenging to obtain a complete view of the available data.

ETAP decided to migrate the existing separate platforms to a fully integrated data technology that would in turn support implementing secure data management policies and practices. This migration would enable more efficient management of the data and facilitate easy and fast access.

ProSource system integrates all data for powerful management capabilities

ETAP initiated a pilot project to migrate the E&P data to the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system. The ProSource system provides a powerful, broad solution for the acquisition, management, and delivery of the data required by all disciplines. These capabilities supported ETAP's goal of establishing an integrated national data repository containing all corporate, log, and seismic data and implementing better data management practices.

Delivery of the database project began with a series of assessments of the existing data stored in the different databases as well as interviews with all key users. On the basis of the assessment reports and findings, ETAP and Schlumberger established a project methodology for the upgrade and migration to the ProSource system. Also provided was 45 days of training in the ProSource system and data management.

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ProSource Front Office makes it easy to search, browse, and visualize stored data for collaboration across teams.

Structured, integrated system improves data management and drives collaboration

The database migration project was successfully delivered in six months. The ETAP database staff benefited from the onsite training sessions for the ProSource system and took advantage of in-person exchange with the Schlumberger consulting team.

The first steps for the ETAP database staff following migration to the ProSource system were to implement well-defined and domain-specific workflows, design learning and development programs, and establish and apply standardization procedures. Adhering to higher levels of data management policies throughout the scalable ProSource system has helped to increase the validation and quality control of the stored data.

To fully leverage the expanded data management capabilities, the ETAP teams have been restructured. Intensive data loading, quality checking, and validation are now being conducted in a collaborative working environment across all departments.

With a single view of all the data, communication between teams has improved. Users are more easily involved to contribute to an informed decision-making process.

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