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Case Study


  • Update E&P data-delivery system
  • Improve and streamline database administration
  • Introduce modern data-visualization capabilities


  • Introduce ProSource Front Office and Studio E&P knowledge environment to access and organize real-time E&P data


  • Easy user access to varied well and seismic data
  • Lease map access from the web
  • 3D data visualization tools for easy browsing
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SNPC Improves Data Delivery with ProSource Front Office

Fully integrated system efficiently connects interpretation software with corporate database

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SNPC uses ProSource Front Office as the interactive front end for all company departments.

The Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC)—the national oil company of the Republic of Congo—needed to integrate over 50 years of exploration, production, and reservoir data into a single platform, accessible to its geoscientists through an easily navigable, web-based front end. It had previously been using an outdated system that presented a number of challenges: suboptimal visualization capabilities for logs,awkward administration and access, and integration and maintenance issues.

After meeting with Schlumberger, it became clear that a solution based around ProSource Front Office and the Studio E&P knowledge environment would deliver significant process efficiencies.

Integrated delivery

The proposed workflow would channel SNPC's interpretation project data from the Petrel E&P software platform and the Techlog wellbore software platform. The Schlumberger team performed initial system checks and ensured that suitable configurations and standards were present before upgrading SNPC hardware to handle the new workflow.

Final installation and testing was then undertaken. The Studio environment was installed as the project database for the asset team in charge of interpretations, with ProSource Front Office implemented as the interactive front-end administration system, and used as the corporate database for all the departments of the company.

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Users now have easy access to data from over 1,700 wells and 20 terabytes of seismic information.

Instant access

With the new integrated data delivery system in place, SNPC users now have easy access to varied data from over 1,700 wells, as well as 20 terabytes of seismic information. ProSource Front Office allows access to the lease map, wells, and seismic lines from the web, delivering new 3D visualization tools to display well deviations for easy browsing. Log information, layer positions, markers, cores, and perforations are all available in the same view. The workflow is the same to get seismic traces from the web.

Data access is also more intuitive, allowing new staff to be trained to use the system within 10 minutes—the previous system required at least a half-day training course. In addition, administration times are significantly reduced—user account creation takes around a minute, compared with 30 minutes in the previous system. General administration tasks can also be completed easily and quickly, while data security and integrity are improved with a new backup system and data-loading procedure.

“Our new, fully integrated national data center platform designed by Schlumberger has streamlined and reorganized our data delivery processes. ProSource Front Office provides a quick and easy connection to E&P information for our whole department—even the Minister of Oil has direct access to corporate data through the system.”

Louis Andzouono, SNPC NDC manager

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