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  • TPAO exploration groups using multiple, unconnected software programs and data repositories
  • Time-consuming data exchange, resulting in knowledge and productivity losses
  • Departments not collaborating optimally


  • Studio database for Petrel software pilot conducted
  • Multidisciplinary data transferred into the Studio Knowledge database
  • Common master repository created for asset team


  • Petrel platform provided a shared working environment, enhancing multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Accelerated data access and multidomain search capability increased user productivity
  • Data exchange minimized using a single platform and common data store
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Studio E&P Knowledge Environment Drives Productivity at TPAO

Studio Knowledge database for Petrel software demonstrates collaboration advantages across exploration department

The exploration department of Turkey’s national oil and gas company—Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortakligi (TPAO)—includes almost 200 geoscientists organized into seismic data processing, interpretation, reservoir characterization, basin analysis, log interpretation, well geology, and nonseismic methods groups.

These exploration teams used a number of software programs—from different vendors and with varying data-repository types—while other departments were using Schlumberger software exclusively, including the Petrel E&P software platform. The disconnected exploration workflow in place required frequent data exchange between the various groups. This caused delays and inefficiencies, as well as knowledge loss from one team to another. Learning multiple Linux-based systems was also time consuming for junior staff, further inhibiting productivity. The company needed to introduce a collaborative working environment to remove these inefficiencies.

Integrated knowledge

After meeting with Schlumberger to discuss possible solutions, it quickly became clear that TPAO would benefit from performing its exploration workflows in the Petrel platform and implementing the Studio E&P knowledge environment—software specifically designed to manage data and contextual knowledge. This solution would improve collaboration around petrotechnical data and increase productivity.

A pilot project was undertaken to create master repositories in the Studio Knowledge database to test the solution. Access rights were established, enabling users to connect to reference projects, create their own working projects, and share data via the Studio Knowledge database.

overflow image
The Petrel master project.
overflow image
The previous exploration workflow inhibited collaboration and required frequent, inefficient data exchanges.
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The introduction of a new workflow, incorporating the Studio E&P knowledge environment, improved collaboration and drove productivity gains.

After this initial configuration, the team transferred over 100 GB of G&G data from the existing database into the Studio Knowledge database for testing, using TIBCO OpenSpirit software. This data included nearly 1,500 2D seismic lines, 25 3D seismic cubes, and 1,000 wells, as well as logs, interpretation, and other related information.

Collaboration unlocked

The Studio environment allowed TPAO to visualize, analyze, and discuss data in a collaborative 3D environment—driving productivity gains across domains. The project improved access speed, especially to 3D seismic data. Data exchange delays are now minimized, as most of TPAO's exploration workflows are performed using the Petrel platform.

The Studio search tool enabled users to quickly find information and data across projects, while its map features enabled integration of the TPAO GIS database with the Petrel platform. New employees have also found Petrel software easier to use compared to the previous Linux-based systems.

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“The Studio environment in Petrel software has brought our geoscientists together to collaborate efficiently on exploration projects. Its flexible and integrated approach will help us to be more productive and improve decision making for our prospects.”

Nafiz Temizhan, Chief Systems Manager TPAO

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