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Implementing Remote Operations Center Boosts Mobile Production Testing Efficiency, Ecuador

Published: 02/27/2019

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Additional testing operations efficiency needed in 210-well field

A well testing field crew in the 210-well Auca Field in Ecuador was continuously running four Diligens Spectra mobile multiphase production testing units daily. The reservoir crude oil was 15 to 32 API. The day shift crew assigned to each unit included one field engineer and one field operator. Data was acquired following a predefined standard testing program, and then the field engineer would spend a significant amount of time preparing the well test report for each well.

This standard approach had reached the maximum efficiency possible, so the operating company sought a different way to improve the efficiency of the mobile production testing operations.

Remote operations transform teamwork

A remote operations center was established with dedicated hardware at the customer’s office. A specific software portfolio for the performance of production testing with Diligens Spectra units incorporating Vx multiphase well testing technology was developed to enable livestreaming the data from the wellsite. To establish wellsite connectivity, each production testing unit was equipped with a mobile satellite dish to facilitate simplified, interrupted data transmission to the remote fully secured web-based server for InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service. The field operators received local training on operating the communications equipment required for the remote operations.

Having the engineer simultaneously manage multiple testing operations from the remote operations center instead of individually with each unit at the wellsite redefined the crews’ roles and responsibilities. These new roles aided the development of new workflows and other procedures.

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Field operators received local training on a Diligens Spectra mobile multiphase production testing unit.

Enabled faster completion of test operations

The replacement of four field engineers at the wellsites with one remote operations engineer reduced the size and expense for the field crews. Following the new workflows and guided by the remote operations engineer, the crews were able to complete test operations faster and improve data quality while reducing wellsite HSE exposure. Real-time operations support by the remote operations engineer enabled accelerated decision making for meeting the overall test objectives. The remote operations setup facilitated the right competencies regardless of time and place, and as such, put expertise at the operations fingertips when needed.

In addition to managing production testing operations, the engineer at the remote operations center ensures the collection of superior quality data and expedites report delivery to the customer.

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Real-time operations support enables decision making to meet overall test objectives.
Ecuador, South America, Onshore

Challenge: Improve the efficiency of mobile production testing operations with Diligens Spectra mobile multiphase production testing units in a 210-well field.

Solution: Implement remote operations center with dedicated IT infrastructure that enables center-based engineers to manage multiple operations and leverage live streaming of critical initial data.

Results: Streamlined management of field operations by the field engineer from the remote operation center brought numerous advantages:

  • raised operational efficiency
  • minimized HSE risk through reduced field crew size
  • decreased data delivery time and increased data quality.
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