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Ecuador, South America
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ESPs Get Plug-and-Play Capability

A new streamlined electrical submersible pump design saves time and money

Installation of downhole electrical submersible pump systems (ESP) has followed a time-honored tradition for approximately 75 years. Typically pump components are lifted one at a time with the rig crane, then carefully lowered and connected to each other on the wellhead. They are topped off with motor oil and wired up to the power cable. Then they are attached to the end of the production tubing and run into the hole. The installation procedure is labor-intensive, and in some areas, it is often delayed by bad weather. Even though ESPs are thought of as being tough and rugged equipment, assembling them in a downpour or other inclement conditions often results in operational or reliability problems. Getting ESPs assembled properly in the field also requires considerable skill on the part of installation personnel.

ESPs Get Plug-and-Play Capability
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