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Intelligent Pumps Last Longer

By equipping pumps with sensors, operators can realize major benefits that include longer life, more efficient performance and improved production.

With sensor-equipped electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), downtime can be minimized, unplanned costs can be eliminated, and production can be optimized. In California, when an operator experienced a power outage and the field was restarted, one unit set off a motor temperature alarm and was automatically shut down. After investigation, the well was stabilized, restarted, and returned to service, eliminating a costly pump failure and potential lost production revenue.

As ESPs prove more reliable, they are becoming the lift system of choice across many applications. Whether the wells are prolific producers or marginal producers, whether they produce clean oil or a small amount of crude with lots of water, pump performance can be optimized. The benefits include extended pump life, improved performance, and repairability. With today's high commodity prices, preventing pump downtime and failures can bring added benefits by improving production.

Intelligent Pumps Last Longer
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