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Pumping Life into Mining, Variable Speed Drives Extend Pump Life

A company well regarded for its oilfield technology is highlighting to the mining industry a new generation of variable speed drives that further extend pump life while reducing costs.


The SpeedStar MVD variable-speed drive NEMA 3R option is a medium-voltage drive (MVD) designed for the control of electric submersible pumps (ESP) and surface pumping systems for outdoor installations. The MVD provides a reliable and efficient control solution for high-horsepower, high-value applications in a single package and is the first in the industry that does not require installation in a climate-controlled environment. The MVD is engineered for remote applications where building infrastructure is unavailable or nonexistent. An integral, application-insensitive sine-wave output filter eliminates resonance, regardless of variations in cable length and motor type, which produces a nearly sinusoidal output voltage and current that ensures speed control without a speed-sensing device.

Pumping Life into Mining
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