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Red Hot Pumps

More reliable high-temperature ESPs gain SAGD credibility

A Canadian-initiated product that had its genesis in the long-running dispute between thermal bitumen and natural gas producers in northeastern Alberta could be a key to overcoming the challenge that high natural gas prices present to economic thermal bitumen projects. Specifically designed to address the special needs of high-temperature steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) production wells, Schlumberger electric submersible pumps (ESP) are proving invaluable to producers by enabling them to operate at lower bottomhole pressures independent of steam injection pressure. This reduces the steam-oil ratio and thus the amount of natural gas required to produce the steam. The REDA Hotline 550 ESP has allowed a step-change in the way producers manage their SAGD operations, offering better reservoir management, coupled with operating and capital cost savings. The system is rated to 288 degC (550 degF) internally, hence the trade name “REDA Hotline 550.” Pumps currently are operating at ambient downhole conditions in excess of 210 degC (410 degF).

“This was product creation to address the need in the market to provide value to the client,” says Robert Bowman, Schlumberger’s artificial lift business operations manager for Canada.

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