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Artificial Lift Deep Water

Real-Time Flow Rate Obtained from ESP Data

Monitoring electrical submersible pump (ESP) data to understand reservoir response, spot early trends, and improve well test quality

With real-time technology gaining momentum in the oil industry, more wells are equipped with permanent gauges. SCADA systems and data historians also are becoming the norm as reduced operating cost and increased recovery factor value is demonstrated consistently. Despite growth in instrumentation and connectivity, flow-rate measurements and recording have lagged. Wells are typically tested once a month with manual data entry into production databases. A Schlumberger proprietary interpretation technique provides real-time flow rate without the need to retrofit additional hardware, with the exception of downhole ESP gauges and SCADA systems. This technique complements well testing, while also providing well performance and reservoir diagnostics. It has potential to revolutionize traditional testing practices, especially on low flow-rate wells that require long test durations to achieve required accuracy.

Real-Time Flow Rate Obtained from ESP Data
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