Advanced Fracturing Fluids Improve Well Economics (Oilfield Review) | Schlumberger
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Kevin Armstrong, Roger Card, Reinaldo Navarrete, Erik Nelson, Ken Nimerick, Michael Samuelson, and Jim Collins, Schlumberger; Gilbert Dumont, Michael Priaro (consultant), and Neal Wasylycia, Petro-Canada Resources; Gary Slusher, Enron Oil & Gas
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Advanced Fracturing Fluids Improve Well Economics (Oilfield Review)



A specially designed fluid is the lifeblood of a complex hydraulic fracturing treatment. Pumped into a reservoir at high pressures and flow rates, it creates a conductive crack in the rock that yields a several-fold increase in well productivity. We trace the revolution in fracturing fluid technology that has occurred in the past several years and, through laboratory and field case studies, explore how four recent innovations are helping solve problems that have plagued fracturing operations for decades.

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