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North Sea, Denmark, Europe, Onshore
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Reservoir Mapping-while-Drilling

Deep directional electromagnetic measurements enable industry first


Using deep directional electromagnetic (EM) measurements, the new GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service reveals details of subsurface bedding and fluid contacts more than 30 m (100 ft) from the wellbore, which is approximately six times farther than existing bed boundary mapping technologies. This reservoir-scale view provides an unprecedented depth of investigation, helping operators to land wells more precisely, perform reservoir steering more proactively and optimize their field development plans with greater confidence.

In the North Sea, Danish oil company DONG E&P used the GeoSphere service to determine the stratigraphic location of reservoir boundaries and fluid contacts, which enabled an optimized well placement within target reservoirs. The new service helped DONG to improve the previous net pay ratio of its wells in the area from less than 50% to an average 97%—essentially doubling reservoir exposure and production in each well. Detailed information obtained while drilling helped refine the existing reservoir model, reduce uncertainties and improve long-term field management.

Reservoir Mapping-while-Drilling

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