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New Formation Pressure Measurement Beats the Heat

Published: 01/31/2012

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The PressureXpress-HT service from Schlumberger provides accurate, repeatable pressure profiles for integration with petrophysical, seismic, and conventional log data. This information improves the quality and effectiveness of multi-stage fracturing operations in low mobility areas, by allowing avoidance of thief zones or depleted zones. Earning praise in some of the world's hottest wells, the tool uses a heat-managment-optimized design for performing extended surveys at maximum temperature for measurement of formation pressure in a wide mobility range. Recently in the Gulf of Thailand, the PressureXpress-HT tool was deployed in wells with bottomhole temperatures above 320 degF (160 degC) to replace a conventional slim-hole formation tester tool. Even under high temperature conditions, the precision and repeatability of the pressure measurement is sufficient to determine a valid pressure gradient and identify the depth of fluid contacts.

New Formation Pressure Measurement Beats the Heat
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