Sigma Saves Hot Well Evaluation Offshore India | Schlumberger
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India, Asia, Offshore
Theodore Klimentos and Arathi L. Mahesh, Schlumberger; M.Y. Farooqui and B.K. Behera, Gujarat State Petroleum Corp.
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Sigma Saves Hot Well Evaluation Offshore India

Lack of resistivity data in HPHT well does not deter explorationists in their quest for energy

Obtaining good resistivity data can be tricky in areas plagued by well stability problems, complex geology, or high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) conditions. The Gujarat State Petroleum Corp. (GSPC) encountered all three circumstances when it sought to drill a wildcat to establish gas production on a frontier block in the Krishna-Godavari (K-G) Basin offshore India’s eastern coast. It would be India’s deepest offshore well.

Sigma saves hot well evaluation offshore India
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