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Multiphase Production Testing Without Phase Separation

Published: 11/09/2015

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The new Diligens Spectra mobile multiphase production testing unit was designed to address the specific challenges of efficient land production testing activities. Fitted on a trailer, the lightweight modular, fit-for-purpose, mobile unit features the Diligens mobile production testing concept and Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter technology, both of which have been proven in diverse environments around the world. The combination of state-of-the-art reliable technologies and Schlumberger high-quality global services expertise is primarily aimed at periodic well production metering, but also provides the flexibility to be integrated into more specialized customized solutions, increasing efficiency and reducing the total cost of production testing operations.

The new service builds on the success of the Diligens SEP, which uses truck-mounted separator units in a compact and modular design. Schlumberger has built a workforce of experts with global experience in flowback, cleanup, and production testing operations, and able to handle the harshest of flowing conditions. The Diligens Spectra service avoids the need for phase separation through the use of Vx Spectra multiphase flowmeter technology, which is able to deliver reliable production data for accurate production profiling. Reliable access to flow rate measurements provides operators with the allocation data necessary to efficiently manage and optimize their production.

Multiphase Production Testing Without Phase Separation
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