Geomechanics Helps Solve Horizontal Woes | SLB
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Louise Durham, Explorer Correspondent
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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Geomechanics Helps Solve Horizontal Woes


Unconventional formations can create problems for drillers. Unmanageable reservoir instability problems are not unusual, and stuck bottomhole assemblies and lost wells occur frequently. While reservoir quality and completion quality are important in deciding where to land a lateral, drilling quality is now becoming a key part of the mix. By integrating geomechanics and drilling engineering disciplines, operators have been able to understand recent failures, allowing them to plan and manage risks moving forward. Decisions are supported by a new rapid mechanical earth model (rapid MEM) workflow for drilling laterals after acquiring geological information in the vertical pilot hole.

Geomechanics Helps Solve Horizontal Woes
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