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Inside the Rock

For the first time geoscientists can produce 3D images of rock features at a wide range of scales and peer into the rock’s porous structure, seeing what is there and how it can be produced most effectively.

Digital core analysis has become a useful addition to the petrophysics and reservoir engineering portfolio. The integration of digital and laboratory evaluations of rocks provides more and better engineering data than either alone, and that information can be delivered faster than ever before. The new direct hydrodynamics pore flow simulation is a step-change improvement in the simulation of flow in porous media that can lead to improved recovery of hydrocarbons in the field.

This kind of dynamic modeling and comprehensive reservoir understanding based on fundamental physics has not been possible in the past. The simulation provides the reservoir characterization answers necessary for reserves estimation, and offers an unmatched level of detail in modeling that can be used to improve production scenario planning decisions for optimized hydrocarbon recovery.

The article describes the process of analyzing rock and fluid properties that follows three steps in one workflow: characterization, simulation and validation. All of this is made possible through the use of CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services.

Inside the Rock
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