Maintaining High Metrological Performance for the Life of the Well

Published: 09/27/2021

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Maintaining high-accuracy flow rate metering for the life of the well is critical for maximizing reservoir productivity and planning an intervention strategy. By combining full-gamma spectroscopy and high-frequency flow rate and phase fraction measurement at a single point in the venturi throat, Schlumberger’s Vx multiphase well testing technology ensures accurate, repeatable, and real-time flow rate measurement without phase separation. The ability to accurately measure oil, gas, and water flow rates in real time enables operators to make better-informed production decisions with key information about well dynamics.

Multiphase flowmeters are sized for specific flow rate ranges before installation. However, as wells mature and production inevitably declines, the differential pressure (dP) across the venturi section of a multiphase flowmeter may become so low that flow rate accuracy is difficult to maintain. The dP measurement provides raw information about the momentum of the flow and is closely related to the mass flow rate of the fluid going through the meter. For wells in production decline, dP readings may be outside the standard meter operating envelope, directly affecting the flow rate measurement.

To maintain high metrological performance in depleting wells, Schlumberger has released a low-rate extender insert to reduce the cross-sectional area at the flowmeter’s venturi throat, thus increasing the turndown ratio and measured dP. This technology provides a more cost-efficient solution to replacing existing infrastructure, reducing both the capex and NPT, while ensuring continuous flow rate measurement for the life of the well.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2021 issue of E&P Plus.

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