Solving the Challenges of Time, Temperature, and Pressure | Schlumberger
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India, Asia, Offshore
Zumer Khan and Bijaya Behera, GSPC; Vikash Kumar and Paul Sims, Schlumberger
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Solving the Challenges of Time, Temperature, and Pressure

Deep, hot wells challenge the most sophisticated downhole instrumentation to provide accurate, reliable answers. In India’s offshore KG basin, success was achieved with the use of a new quartz gauge.


Significant gas discoveries in the deep waters of the Bay of Bengal off India's East Coast promise large resources of energy to sustain the country’s future growth.

Well tests will confirm the economic potential and producibility of these discoveries, but there are challenges.

Reservoir temperature exceeds the ratings of even the best instrumentation, so to get the most accurate results, pressure gauges must be deployed as close as possible to bottom without experiencing a failure.

One gauge was successful, setting a world’s record in the process.

Solving the Challenges of Time, Temperature and Pressure
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