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Firas Al Shaikh
Firas Al Shaikh, Geology, Petrophysics & ThruBit Product Champion, Schlumberger
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Firas Al Shaikh Discusses CMR-MagniPHI Service
NMR logging service improves fluid typing in organic and unconventional shale plays.

CMR-MagniPHI High-Definition NMR Service Interview

Firas Al Shaikh discusses the CMR-MagniPHI service at SPWLA 2019

NMR logging has been used for decades to provide fluid volume, porosity and permeability measurements. However, organic and unconventional shale plays pose a challenge to conventional NMR logging because the pores are very small.

On June 17, Schlumberger launched the CMR-MagniPHI high-definition NMR service, a new logging service for organic and unconventional shale plays that captures high-definition NMR data from the smallest pores to improve the identification of different fluid types.

Watch the full interview with wireline expert Firas Al Shaikh, Product Champion, Schlumberger, on the CMR-MagniPHI service launch at the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Anaylysis (SPWLA) 2019 Symposium.

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