Q&A: Schlumberger’s Tarek Rizk shares his vision for MENA | SLB Insights | Schlumberger
Schlumberger MENA President Tarek Rizk
MENA President Tarek Rizk
Middle East, Africa

Published in the ADIPEC Energy Dialogues, December 2020

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ADIPEC Energy Dialogues with Tarek Rizk

Rizk discusses his vision for MENA in this Q&A hosted by Geoffrey Cann

Today, the oil and gas industry faces many challenges, including pressure to reduce opex and capex. During this ADIPEC Energy Dialogues interview, Rizk discusses how Schlumberger is helping its customers in the MENA region adapt to the dynamic market environment. He also talks about the pandemic, digital enablement, and the future of the oil and gas industry in the region.

Watch the full interview here.

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