REDA ESP System Delivers 54 Years of Flawless Performance, Wisconsin | Schlumberger
Tech Report
United States, North America, Onshore

Wisconsin, USA

Pump specifications
1/3 hp
7 stages
60 rpm
9 galUS/min

Electrical specifications
230 V
3.5 A

Pump depth
55 ft

Installation date
August 1965

Products used
Electric submersible pump


A REDA ESP system was installed in a water well in 1965 to provide a domestic water supply to a farm used for recreational purposes. It worked reliably without any stoppages for servicing until it was finally replaced in 2019.

The pump itself was still operational when it was removed from the ground. However, while replacing a leaking check valve, the owners took the opportunity to switch out the pump—hoping that the new one will now last until 2073!

REDA ESP System Delivers 54 Years of Flawless Performance, Wisconsin

Installed in a water well in 1965, the pump required no service or remedial work throughout its operating life and was still working when removed

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This durable ESP system was manufactured at Schlumberger’s Bartlesville Product Center (BPC) in Oklahoma, which continues to supply ESP systems for the North America land market as well as motors and other components worldwide. Although features and construction materials have been upgraded over the years, the fundamental ESP design remains true to the tried and trusted, highly reliable original.

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