REDA Hotline System Increases Run Life by an Average of 149%

Published: 10/21/2015

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Graph: REDA Hotline System Increases Run Life by an Average of 149%
Schlumberger installed the Hotline ESP system with a high-temperature, non-weather-dependent integrated motor with a downhole monitoring gauge. The motor features a full protector and compensation system configured for immediate deployment in the well, eliminating human error and saving rig time during assembly. The system was installed with a bottom-feeder gas separator along with a high-temperature pump.The Hotline system increased run life by an average of 149% and is still running. This improved the customer’s total cost of ownership by eliminating unnecessary workovers and deferred production.
Canada, North America
Nisku, Canada

401 degF [205 degC]
Pump setting depth
1,565 ft [477 m]
Casing size
9 5/8 in
Casing weight
36 lbm/ft
Motor OD
5.62 in [14.27 cm]
Pump OD
6.75 in [17.15 cm]

An operator in Canada needed to perform a SAGD operation to produce from a well with high fluid viscosity. However, the high temperatures generated during the operation had caused other ESPs to fail earlier than expected. With production dependent on high injection temperature, the operator asked Schlumberger for a high-reliability, high-temperature solution that would effectively produce without compromising run life.
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