Liner Hanger Prevents Cement Honeycombing COLOSSUS CMT | SLB
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United States, North America


Anadarko Basin
Reservoir challenge
High-pressured gas
Natural resource


Many of the gas wells in the Anadarko basin are characterized by low permeability. As such, their high-pressured gas sections lend themselves to underbalanced drilling, which sometimes leads to gas ingress into the wellbore.

The gas forms holes in the hardening cement and results in a “honeycombing,” or channeling, effect, which can allow reservoir fluids and gas to leak into the wellbore and reduce well integrity. The operator needed equipment and procedures that would maximize safety during liner hanger deployment, ensure well integrity, protect the formation, and maintain the reservoir’s productivity.

Products Used

Rotating liner with COLOSSUS CMT liner hanger prevents cement honeycombing in underbalanced gas well

Optimized cementing minimizes gas ingress into well

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The COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system is designed for high-pressure, high-rate gas wells that require optimized pressure integrity at the liner top. Drive slots in the liner top permit the liner to be rotated while it is being run inhole to navigate around obstructions. Rotation during cementing helps ensure optimal cement integrity and wellbore stability.
Products Used

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