Liner Hanger Highly Deviated Well Bolivia COLOSSUS CMT | SLB

COLOSSUS CMT liner hanger system is set successfully at 18,000 ft in highly deviated well

Published: 01/05/2015

Concrete blue texture
Photo: COLOSSUS CMT Liner Hanger System
The COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system is designed for highly deviated boreholes, where the liner hanger must withstand high-torque and high-tensile loads during running in and setting. Its components are engineered to optimize the load, pressure, and bypass ratings of the complete system. A CRT collet running tool enables the liner to be rotated after the liner hanger is set. A backup mechanical-release mechanism ensures its release from the liner.
Bolivia, South America


Reservoir challenge
Highly deviated well
Natural resource

A gas well’s deep, highly deviated borehole presented a challenge for ensuring the release of a liner hanger’s running tool while the liner casing was being set. Not releasing the tool and failing to reach a total depth of 18,000 ft [5,486 m] would have resulted in costly remedial work, additional rig time, and possibly the loss of the drilled well section.
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