Operator Maximizes Gas Production, Saves 6 Hours per Well with XHP-BB Big-Bore Premium Production Packer

Published: 10/24/2014

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Graphic: XHP-BB Big-Bore Premium Production Packer

The XHP-BB big-bore packer is designed to withstand high flow rates and harsh environments, including both HPHT and low-temperature subsea injection wells.

  • The hydrostatic setting mechanism enables rapid installation.
  • Setting chamber architecture eliminates tubing movement relative to the casing, ensuring consistent, predictable setting.
  • It is made of premium metallurgy and elastomers.
  • The sealing element, situated above the slips, prevents debris from fouling the slips.
  • The leak-free hydrostatic chamber ensures activation at the proper depth.
  • The packer meets the ISO 14310/API grade V0 standard for a tight gas seal.
Myanmar, Asia

Bay of Bengal, Myanmar

High-rate gas production
Well type
Natural resource
Proven reserves
9.1 trillion ft ³/d, 260 km³/d]
Average depth
8,500 ft [2,590 m]
Max depth
15,400 ft [4,694 m]


An operator had encountered inconsistent production in an offshore high-rate-gas well and needed a more suitable completion design for the planned three wells.

For the production rate expected (up to 100 million ft ³/d per well), large-bore (7-in) tubing was required. This type of well also demanded a large-bore packer that would withstand the harsh downhole conditions. Because of the offshore environment, it was critical that the packer minimize rig-related and intervention time, costs, and risks.

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