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An operator challenged M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, to clean a semisubmersible’s 13 mud pits, 5 sandtraps, and a 2,800-bbl [445-m3] pontoon tank and reduce confined space entry time, overall cleaning time, and generated wastewater and slop. Rather than perform cleanout in the traditional manual method, M-I SWACO recommended the ATC technology for the job. Such a task traditionally takes several days to be completed. ATC technology only requires 44 bbl [7 m3] of washwater that is continuously cleaned and recycled throughout the cleaning process.

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Days of Pit and Pontoon Tank Cleanup Time Eliminated

Use of ATC technology reduces produced slop and washwater

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The ATC unit was rigged up using a temporary setup requiring minimum modification or installation to the rig. The 18 pits were cleaned in 61 h 45 min (average time per pit of 3 h 50 min). The pontoon tank was cleaned in 12 h 40 min rather than days using only 44 bbl [7 m3] of washwater. The final total volume was 135 bbl [21 m3] for all 18 pits and the 2,800-bbl [445-m3] pontoon tank. A total of 52.1 tonUK of barite solids was removed.
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