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Russia, Onshore

Yurkharovskoye Field


PAO NOVATEK is Russia's largest independent natural gas producer and needed to assess reservoir pressures in sections with a high risk for differential sticking of wireline instruments. The preferred tool would have strength under dynamic and static loads, as well as resistance to rotational, tensile, and compressive loads, which are sometimes necessary to mitigate the risk of sticking. NOVATEK wanted a while-drilling solution to perform a hydrodynamic logging program.

Products Used

NOVATEK Unlocks Data Using Formation Pressure-While-Drilling Service

StethoScope service endures dynamic and static loads to avoid sticking risks and acquire crucial formation measurements

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NOVATEK used StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling service to conduct a total of 59 measurements on its 311.1-mm, 215.9-mm, and 155.6-mm sections. The equipment demonstrated greater strength under the various dynamic and static loads needed to avert sticking. StethoScope service enabled a data capture from measurements in formations usually considered inaccessible to logging while drilling.
Products Used

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