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Drilling Efficiency Increases by 62% in Two Fields with Complex Conditions

Published: 03/12/2021

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Graphs showing increased drilling efficiency using Schlumberger integrated well construction.
The integrated campaign improved the well construction rate by 62% overall compared with the first year of the campaign. Because the wells were delivered ahead of schedule, the operator chose to drill additional wells, achieving a record number of wells drilled in the fields. A total of 225 days was saved in the second year of the project, an average of 12.7 days per well.
Kuwait, Asia, Onshore

Casing while drilling

Well environment
Abrasive formations with multiple faults


An operator onshore Kuwait wanted to increase drilling efficiency across two fields with challenging drilling conditions, including abrasive formations. Schlumberger used casing-while-drilling technology as a key differentiator to increase well construction efficiency and deliver the project ahead of schedule. Enhanced processes and automation also enabled the operator to reduce flat time and improve drilling performance.

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