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Drilling fluid cleanup operations in Campeche Bay

Published: 08/04/2023

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Drilling fluid cleanup operations in Campeche Bay.
SLB used its ATC™ automatic tank-cleaning technology with a mixture of water and a specific 1% chemical solution pumped into the tank cleaning machines (TCMs). For slop reclamation, the system deployed diaphragm pumps to reclaim all slop volumes, enabling the cleaning fluid to be recycled on a constant basis and reducing cleaning time, slop volume, and worker exposure. There was a 50% reduction in waste and an 86% reduction in confined-space entry, which significantly reduced HSE risks during the process.

ATC is a mark of M-I L.L.C., an SLB company.

Gulf of Mexico, North America, Offshore

ATC automatic tank-cleaning technology reduced tank cleaning time, fluid waste by 50%, and worker exposure by 86% for a major Gulf of Mexico operator. During drilling operations, all mud and treatment pits required cleaning and preparation for the next section and well to avoid contaminating drilling fluids. The customer’s main concerns were the amount of time, the huge volumes of water and chemicals required when using traditional methods, and HSE concerns over worker exposure.

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