DRILPLEX HDD Viscosifier Stabilizes Collapsing Formation | Schlumberger
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United States, North America, Onshore


DRILPLEX HDD Viscosifier Rheology
 600 rpm   110 cP 
 300 rpm    81 cP
 Plastic viscosity    29 cP
 Yield point    52 lbf/ft2
10 s    50 lbf/ft2
10 min    52 lbf/ft2

When Schlumberger learned an operator was concerned about hole cleaning and packing off in a key drill hole being cored from surface, DRILPLEX HDD viscosifier was recommended by M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, for its properties of highly shear-thinning ability and ceasing to flow as it enters fractures of spaces between the rock.

DRILPLEX HDD Viscosifier Stabilizes Collapsing Formation

Problematic well drilled to TD with 80% core recovery

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Following approximately 800 galUS [3,032 L] of the viscosifier being pumped, drilling resumed and torque decreased from 3,000 psi to 1,500 psi [20.7 MPa to 10.3 MPa] and the well was drilled to planned TD successfully. The DRILPLEX HDD viscosifier achieved hole cleaning and target viscosity, holding the gravel in place.

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