Compact MD-2 Shaker Configuration Outperforms Traditional Shaker Setup in Dukhan Field, Qatar

Published: 02/10/2017

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Compact MD-2 Shaker
The MD-2 shale shaker can be switched on the fly between balanced elliptical and progressive elliptical motions as drilling conditions change.

During drilling operations in the Dukhan field, Qatar Petroleum sought to increase solids control efficiency, retain base fluid, save tank cleaning time, and reduce the fluid system footprint on its rigs.

Two MD-2 shakers were installed on a rig, replacing a setup of three conventional shakers (a configuration retained on another rig for comparison). The objective of the comparison was to evaluate the efficiency of the MD-2 shakers by monitoring mud content of cuttings and testing flow rate and solids-handling capacity.

The MD-2 shakers produced drier cuttings with significantly less mud on cuttings; the cuttings passed a paint filter test for free liquids without requiring a drying shaker for transportation to disposal sites. The two-shaker setup handled the same flow rate as the previous setup of three shakers without experiencing overspill.

Qatar, Asia, Onshore

Dukhan Field

Average ROP
55 ft/h [16.8 m/h]

Average pump rate
500 galUS/min [1,893 L/min]

Average mud content by weight

Average mud content by volume

Screen replacement required

Total discard rate

  • Tophole section: 38.88 lbm/min [17.6 kg/min]
  • 8 1/2-in section: 9.66 lbm/min [4.38 kg/min]
  • 6 1/8-in section: 4.68 lbm/min [2.12 kg/min]
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