MUDGARD Filter Removes 1.5 kg of Circulating Debris from Kuwait Well to Prevent Tool Failure

Published: 10/14/2016

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The MUDGARD filter removed all fluid-born debris before it could damage any critical BHA components, enabling the operator to drill the 392-m [1,286-ft] sidetrack in less than 100 rotating and pumping hours. The BHA tools performed flawlessly—with no reported pressure- or debris-related complications. In total, the MUDGARD filter captured 1.5 kg of mixed debris, which could have invaded the BHA and caused a component failure or plugged a bit nozzle.

Kuwait, Asia

Sabriya Field

Hole size
61/8-in sidetrack

Section length
392 m [1,286 ft]

Maximum deviation

Circulating pressure
23.9 MPa
[3,460 psi]

Debris type
Fibrous material, low-gravity solids, shards, and flakes

During a drilling campaign in Kuwait, circulation debris caused by well construction caused critical MWD, LWD, and RSS components of the BHA to fail, requiring the BHA to be tripped out of hole—resulting in costly, time-consuming equipment replacements. The operator wanted to prevent circulation debris– related problems and NPT in future wells.
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