Lost Circulation Material is Key Component in Reducing NPT

Published: 10/04/2018

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Lost Circulation Material Is Key Component in Reducing NPT
After the LCM was pumped, a gentle squeeze was performed to force the LCM farther into the loss zone. After verifications were made that the LCM was properly in place, a temporary packer was positioned, and the operation was suspended over a national holiday. When operations resumed, full mud returns were regained, and drilling continued.
United States, North America, Onshore

A horizontal directional drilling contractor was attempting a pilot bore to place a 20-in steel oil pipeline when an inadvertent return incident occurred, suspending operations for 5 weeks. To mitigate any future suspensions, a lost circulation materials (LCM) plan was requested; the material needed to be carefully chosen to ensure that it would have a minimal impact on the environment. Varied particle sizes and concentrations of nutshells, SAFE-CARB ground marble bridging agent, and fibers were proposed, along with a pumping procedure to cure the loss zone.

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