Application of VeraTherm Drilling Fluid Eliminates 4 Conditioning Trips, Saving 5 Days of Rig Time | Schlumberger
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Australia, Oceania, Offshore
An operator required a water-based drilling fluid to use on a high-temperature well with reactive shale offshore Australia. Estimated temperature on the well was 300 degF [149 degC]; conventional water-based drilling fluid systems are not stable at this temperature, particularly for the longer time needed for wireline operations. This prospect had two potential reservoirs, one each in 8 1/2-in and 6 1/4-in sections with respective lengths of 1,325 ft [404 m] and 1,952 ft [595 m].

Schlumberger proposed the VeraTherm high-temperature water-based drilling fluid be used, and the operator opted to use the fluid based on lab results. The operator plans to continue using the system on upcoming drilling campaigns.
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Application of VeraTherm Drilling Fluid Eliminates 4 Conditioning Trips, Saves 5 Days of Rig Time

Water-based drilling fluid maintains thermal stability to TD in two intervals, including a 1-week logging program

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The VeraTherm system was used to successfully drill both sections with no major issues, such as stuck pipe, hole cleaning, or wellbore stability. During the wiper trip to casing shoe after reaching TD, no tight spots were observed. Also, no polymer degradation or gelation was observed when pulling tools back to surface.
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