High-Temperature Water-Based Fluid Eliminates Conditioning Runs During Wireline Logging

Published: 06/10/2021

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Chart showing VeraTherm fluid properties.
VeraTherm high-temperature water-based drilling fluid was used to drill the 12 1/4-in, 4,591-ft [1,399-m] and 8 3/8-in, 2,706‑ft [825-m] intervals, traversing limestone, shale, anhydrite, and dolomite formations. The fluid remained stable with no signs of barite sag for up to 9 days at 303 degF [151 degC] and 8 days at 320 degF [160 degC] in the intermediate sections. Wireline logging was successful in the 6-in interval without the need for conditioning trips for 7 days at 375 degF [191 degC] with high-quality data retrieval and minimal change in the fluid properties.
Middle East, Asia, Onshore

An operator required a cost-effective, high-temperature water-based fluid solution to drill three intervals and maintain stability through wireline logging. Offset data showed a prevalence of barite sag, unsuccessful logs, and severe lost circulation. High-temperature oil-based systems were not considered cost efficient for this project due to the expected lost circulation in limestone formations.

Thermal stability was the major concern as wireline logging was expected to take multiple days. The fluid would be required to remain static in the wellbore at up to 375 degF [191 degC] and needed to be compatible with commercial scavengers.

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